Journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

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Sunday, 12 August 2012



bullet Low Start-up Cost:
  Anyone can start this business as the start-up cost is very low. One can enroll for it by paying a small amount of Rs. 399/- only, in return of which one gets the entire starter-kit required for this business.

bullet Simple Compensation Plan:
  This business does not require any previous experience to be successful, all that is required is willingness to learn and passion for helping others to grow and improve their lives. Modicare’s compensation plan is very simple and gives a better opportunity to new consultants & business builders for them to get rewarded basis the effort that they put in.

bullet Earning Potential:
  There is no criterion for full-time and part-time, how much one wants to earn depends upon the amount of time one wants to put into it. The Modicare Compensation plan becomes more rewarding with team development in width & in depth and one can grow one’s earning potential by simply following it.

bullet Your Business to fit your life and time:
  Modicare offers a perfect and promising business opportunity for anyone who wants to start –up their own business and earn money. There is no specific requirement of any level of qualification; it can be started by anyone above the age of 18 years. It gives one the flexibility of working hours and one can do this business even by sitting at home.

bullet Trainings:
  Modicare has a special team of trainers for every region. These trainers conduct regular trainings from time-to-time to train Modicare Consultants about the various products and their usage. These trainings are done for consultants and new joinees, for them to understand the products and to learn and improve upon their communication and selling skills. Such trainings are conducted at a place/time which is convenient for all the consultants from that area to attend. Apart from these trainings, Modicare’s regional teams also help these new joinees in conducting such meetings at their homes for them to start with the business and get the comfort of organizing such meetings in future on their own.

bullet Product Quality:
  Modicare offers world class products in multiple categories like, Nutrition, Health and Wellness, Skin Care and Color Cosmetics, Personal Care, Home Care, Laundry Care, Food and Beverage, Auto Care and Agriculture. There is a huge range of daily-use products that are used in every household.

bullet Credibility:
  Modicare has been into existence since 16 years and is a part of the K.K. Modi Group. It is a member of Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA), which is an autonomous, self regulatory body for the direct selling industry in India. This Association acts as an interface between the industry and policy – making bodies of the Government facilitating the cause of the Direct Selling Industry in India.

bullet Incredible Rewards, Recognitions, Foreign Trips etc.:
  Modicare helps one achieve their dreams and things that one desires for including incredible rewards, recognitions, big cars and foreign trips. In addition to the material gains it also helps one in becoming more proactive and develop new skills. This business not only polishes ones selling skills but also makes them a better planner.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

You can join here by filling this online application form.
Contact me: OR 9449282836

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wait for the new good news!!!

Wait for the new good news!!!
Join immediately... Just Rs.399.00. Fast income plan, Enjoy quality products, life time income, free foreign trips, etc etc etc etc...............................
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Sunday, 27 March 2011


Join MODICARE with just Rs.399.00. click the below link and put my referral MCA No:93602887.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

About ACTIVE-80

• Active-80 is a highly concentrated all-purpose non-ionic spray adjuvant concentrate with 80% active ingredients. It is a special formula with Rheology Modifier.
• As an Activator-Wetter-Spreader, it activates the spray fluid to moisten the plant surface & allows uniform spreading of spray deposit.
• It facilities uniform mixing of powders, pesticides & most liquid fertilizers.
• It is non-corrosive to spray equipment and prevents clogged nozzles.
• Active-80 is non-phytotoxic & is biodegradable.
How Active-80 improves performance of pesticides
Active-80 is not a pesticide. But it does help make other pesticides highly effective. For a pesticide to be effective, a spray droplet must be able to wet the foliage and spread out uniformly over a leaf so that maximum area of the leaf is covered, enabling the pesticide to reach its target. However, this does not always happen as spray droplets tend to bead up on leaf surfaces, particularly on waxy and hairy leaves. This problem occurs due to the surface tension between spray droplets and the leaf surface. Mixing Active-80 with the pesticide solution reduces the surface tension and prevents beading of droplets, thus enabling uniform coverage of the pesticide and ultimately, resulting in a better crop yield.
How Active-80 helps the farmers
Active-80 helps the farmers to achieve a better and healthier crop yield through efficient use of pesticides thereby saving time and money. Although it is primarily an agricultural product, it can be used wherever pesticides, fertilizers, defoliators, plant nutrients are being utilized. This includes golf courses, household plants, nurseries kitchen gardens etc.
Finally Acive-80 is not an expensive product. A 500 ml bottle of the product comes at an MRP of Rs 350. The value delivered by this can be gauged by the fact that a single 500ml bottle of Active-80 will be ample to irrigate more than 3 acres of land It can also be utilized in 25 spray tanks of 15 liters capacity each for herbicides or 100 spray tanks of 15 liter capacity for fungicides, insecticides, foliar fertilizers, defoliators and plant nutrients.. This is vastly superior to any competing product in the market.

Research & Development
Active-80 was developed after intensive research by Modicare's team of scientists. Strict quality checks were carried out at every stage of the development of the product - right from quality checks were carried out at every stage of the development of the product - right from procurement of raw materials to the finished product. Active-80 has been tested on various crops and vegetation by reputed agricultural universities before being made available commercially.

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Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday, 14 March 2011



My Journey in MODICARE Business.

It was in the year 2005, One person whom I didnt know came to me and offered some products and introduced me to this business. But I was hesitant to join any MLM business, since many companies were coming and vanishing in the market. But I saw some of the products and thought let me try these products. So I purchased in retail some daily use products. The same day itself we tried these products in our house. We were surprised to see the result!. My wife immediately gave her support to join this business.. The very next day, I called the person who gave me the products and joined the MODICARE business. I went to a meeting at Mangalore, where I saw many success people. I didnt understand the business, but I came to know that anyone can do this business.. The principle is just USE & TELL OTHERS about these products. I had a very good uplines, who supported me daily. I used the products and started recomending it to others. Some just laughed at me, and some used the products and joined me... (Those persons who laughed later joined some other team after seeing my success!!)
The very first month, I received a letter of appreciation and a cheque from the company. I was astonished!. All these I got was just for using the product and recomending it to others!
One and Half years passed, I was selected to a FREE FOREIGN TRIP from the company!!!.. A business cum holiday trip to BANGKOK via Sri lanka!.
That was when I thought that I would not be able to go to any foreign land! Today MODICARE business has given me happiness, health & wealth.....I have to thank Mr. K.K.MODI and all my Uplines for this! I also had the privilege to talk personally with Mr. K.K.MODI at Bangkok!

Join me and experience this wonderfull opportunity that will change your whole lifestyle! Rs.399/- only... 


Modicare's current product range comprises high quality products in Laundry Care, Home Care, Auto Care, Personal Care, Color Cosmetics and Skin Care, Agriculture, Nutrition, Health & Wellness, Food & Beverage and TriActiv Products.




Be an INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT for just Rs.399/-.

 Call me: Shankar Bhat V.S. +91 9449282836 / +91 9880245936

Mail me:
My MCA No: 93602887

Sunday, 13 March 2011



Call me : +91 9449282836 / +91 9880245936

Mail me :


The Path to Success and the Action Steps Checklist:
1. Define your Goals and Dreams:
  • Identify your goals
  • Set yourself a time target
  • Identify the tools at your disposal
  • Plan strategies towards achieving these goals
  • Review Weekly
2. Use the Products:
  • Use the products
  • Touch, Feel & Experience them
  • Replace all other products you use with Modicare Products
  • Note what exactly you like about the products
  • Read and study the Product pages
3. Make lists of potential Consultants and Customers:
  • Use the Memory "Jogger"
  • Do not exclude anyone under any presumption
  • Identify their needs
  • Expand your business by sponsoring and merchandising
  • Follow the Referral System ("Retail to Recruit")
4. Sales & Marketing Plan presentations:
  • Fix appointments for presentations
  • Always plan ahead
  • Take guidance from your sponsors
  • Go through the contents of the Sales and Marketing plan thoroughly
  • Explain you reasons for joining MODICARE and how it has helped you to achieve your dreams
  • Respond positively to queries and doubts
  • Follow up with interested prospects within 48 hours
5. Product Demonstrations:
  • Use information from the Product pages to explain the best use of the product and how each customer can maximize the benefit of MODICARE Products
  • Play your Modicare promotional video at the start of the evening
  • Refer to your personal experiences and explain how you feel about the quality of Modicare products
  • Deliver products on the agreed upon date. Give your customers a copy of their order forms and set a time to re-service them and /or demonstrate other products.
6. Follow up with your prospects:
  • Go through the Sales and Marketing plan on a one to one basis with your Consultants
  • Emphasize on the support they can receive by being a part of MODICARE
  • Help identify their goals
7. Follow up with your Customers:
  • Follow up with customers after they use the new product
  • Maintain regular contact to check on product needs and to inform about new products
  • Maintain Customer Record Cards.
8. Encourage your New Consultants
  • Always be available for your Consultants
  • Be patient. Learning takes time
  • Share experiences and ideas
  • Encourage personal growth among the group members
9. Develop Leaders in your Group:
  • Analyze business performances of potential leaders in your group
  • Identify individual strengths and problem areas in each of your leader's groups.
  1. Listen to your upline
  2. Develop & help your downline
  3. Do not crossline
  4. Be committed & passionate to yourself, to your dream and to your Modicare business
  5. Work your business with loyalty and ethics.
Your Success is in your hands. Modicare is there to hold your hand and show you the path to Success.

Journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step.


Modicare, the company and listens to you
  • Feedback Program
  • Countrywide support team
  • Direct Distribution Reach in over 60 cities
  • Home Delivery in over 3000 cities which makes Modicare the most extensive Network Marketing company in the country
  • Team of over 200 professionals
  • Promoted by one of the most accomplished industrial houses in the country
Modicare, a Company of innovations and many firsts
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Internet assisted business opportunity that no other company in Direct Selling offers today
  • Constant continuous enhancement in product quality and packaging
The Success

Modicare believes that our innovative products can back up this one-of-a-kind marketing plan to make dreams come true. Lets now spread this news to everyone that we can reach out to. You would be delighted that you have made the commitment of joining the growing family of MODICARE. You will find opportunities, accomplishments and a world of friends. You will also find the independence and security so many others have found with Modicare by enriching your life with an experience that will give you opportunities to achieve personal recognition, financial security and prosperity. At Modicare people are provided an opportunity to be self-entrepreneurs. Modicare also offers the individual opportunity to participate in a business perfectly suited to all who have dreams and are willing to invest genuine efforts to make their dreams come true.


  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • Affinity Tie Ups
  • Unprecedented Recognition for your efforts
  • 1% of Modicare sales goes to the RBGM Foundation set up to promote AIDS Awareness in India


Your own business
Start from home
Minimal Capital
Low operating cost
Flexible hours of work
Part Time or Full Time Venture
No special skills or previous experience required
Immediate Income
Unlimited Earning Potential
Personal development

Modicare is the only company that offers:

  • Products exclusively designed  to suit the needs of us Indians
  • Products priced for the Indian consumer
  • Strong Research & Development Cell
  • Products from dawn to dusk for every member in the house
  • Largest Product Range in the industry with 150 + Products in 13 different categories
  • Available in different sizes for convenience and economy
    • Laundry Care
    • Personal Care
    • Home Care
    • Auto Care
    • Kitchen Care
    • Educational 


The Golden Rules of Modicare:
When Commitment and persistence are cultivated and applied, success results. The starting point for all achievement is desire. The Modicare opportunity starts off with focus on what you want in life- your dreams, your goals.
Here your sponsor and upline will work hard to help you achieve your dreams because strong desires will produce intense and sustained action on your part. Sustained action makes desire a reality.

The Steps to Success are:
  • Use Modicare Products
  • Share and Sell Products
  • Sell the event - This will help you to
    • Share and Introduce people to the Modicare Opportunity
    • Duplicate the steps to success to people that you   introduce to the Modicare opportunity
  • Develop a definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment
  • Develop a definite plan, expressed in continuous action
  • Develop a mind closed tightly against all negative and discouraging influences including negative suggestions of relatives, friends and acquaintances
  • Develop a friendly alliance with one or more persons who will encourage you to follow through with both plan and purpose.


Want an enriching career with unlimited earning potential? Then MODICARE is the career for you!
  • No bosses but A mentor to guide you, to help you, to develop you in your Modicare career.
  • YOU choose your own working hours. Work your business part time or full time.
  • It's not  just a revenue generating business alone! You make a difference in not only your life but in the lives of hundreds and thousands of people.
  • Meet & interact with different kinds of people from different walks of life.
  • You develop personally and professionally. As a leader, as mentor, as a friend, as a guide.
  • Modicare is not just a career. It's an Experience! It's a Passion!
  • Get the life that you deserve with Modicare.
What are you waiting for?
The Road
Once you have become a part of this Revolution, a world of opportunities open its doors to you. You sow the seeds of your Modicare Business Empire, which offers an unlimited earning potential with minimal investment and infrastructure. And the convenience of working at the pace that you want. This is no magic wand to quick and easy money. Success at Modicare demands just a few simple things.
Have a Dream, a vision for your future.
Set specific goals.
Show commitment and action towards the goals.
Do what it takes to "Make Your Dreams A Reality"
The Vehicle
Remember! You are in a business of your own, but you are not on your own. Modicare gives you the products, a success system to follow and people to help you.
Over 150 Products in 13 categories ranging from home care, personal care, laundry care, water care, cosmetics and so much more! Products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Products from dawn to dusk. Products for every member in your household.
Success Principles
A simple result orientation training and business support system to provide the training and the tools that you require from Day One in your Modicare business. Training Seminars, Cassette & Video Tapes, Literature whatever you need to work and grow your business.
Upline Support System
The person who has introduced you into your Modicare business and the person who have introduced your sponsor are your Uplines. They are your mentors who will guide you and help you in your Modicare business.
Use this vehicle to achieve whatever you want in life. Modicare supports you with over 150 products, 60 Modicare Success Centres and a reach to over 3000 cities and towns across the country. What other business gives you the support that you require at every step in your career? What other business gives you freedom of time and money?